Peter Ralston

Effortless Power Workshop

September 20-22, 2013

Valley Aikido Dojo, Northampton, MA







Cheng Hsin: Peter Ralston in Jasnieres

Peter Ralston Pushing Hands in Jasnieres



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In 1978 Peter Ralston became the first non-Asian ever to win the World Championship full-contact martial arts tournament in the Republic of China.


Peter was raised in Asia and began studying martial arts as a child.  By age 20, he had black belts in judo, jujitsu, had been sumo champion at his high school in Japan, judo and fencing champion at UC Berkeley, and was training in northern sil lum kung fu, western boxing, and muay thai. Interest in the "internal" arts lead to a committed study of t'ai chi, hsing I, pa kua, and aikido. 


His focus is centered on developing the Art of Effortless Power and Zen Contemplation. He teaches internationally and at his Center in

Texas, and is the author of six books, including 

The Principles of Effortless Power,and 

Zen Body-Being. His newest book about the nature of consciousness is

The Book of Not Knowing


His unorthodox approach and no-nonsense teaching style have made him a favorite of experienced martial artists and newcomers alike.


He is an authority in his field, and in Europe is called "the Muhammad Ali of the internal martial







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David Zucker

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Dear Friend of T'ai Chi and the Tao,


During my 40 years of T'ai Chi playing and meditation practice I have studied and taken workshops with many notable and worthy teachers. 


Last year I had the honor of being Peter's demo partner for an entire weekend of Effortless Power work. 


I can honestly offer that I have never felt this kind of energy in all the wonderful teachers I have worked with; it is a quantum leap. There simply is no one else to compare him to.


I am SO EXCITED to announce Peter's return visit to Northampton. Last year's workshop was an effortless success thanks to Peter and all the wonderful people who attended. 


This September we are expanding a bit in both space and texture. Valley Aikido in Northampton is excited to be co-hosting the workshop in their gorgeous dojo (Click under "Quick Links" -above left- for their website); complete with beautiful mats for any floor work Peter wants to do. Northampton is one of the most vibrant and 'energy-centered' cities in Massachusetts.

I first became acquainted with Peter through his book, The Principles of Effortless Power over 13 years ago and have been a 'virtual' student of his ever since, reading and re-reading the book many times over the years.  It is my great delighted pleasure to bring him back to the New England area for another workshop.

I would be delighted if you can join me in experiencing this remarkable martial arts, consciousness, effortless power teacher.

warm regards,


Dharma Talk Thursday Evening, Sept 19th, 7-9PM

Book NK cover"Not Knowing" Dharma Talk 

(This event can be attended separately from the weekend workshop) $10.00

"True innovators are, by definition, ahead of their time. Therefore, they remain largely unrecognized, except by a few. How many of us wish we had met Bruce Lee, sat in a session with Carl Jung, or walked around Walden Pond with Thoreau? Too late for that, but not too late to take notice of Peter Ralston. His creativity, commitment, and clarity shine through as he articulates higher principles based on direct experience and piercing insight. A caring teacher, he has been to the mountaintop and bathed in the spring of Being. His insights speak to us all." 

-Dan Millman, author of  "Way of The Peaceful Warrior"


Peter will be holding this separate evening session, engaging you over your questions about the nature of consciousness, beliefs, Being, and Reality.


Reviews on The Book of Not Knowing from

-"Ralston is simply the best writer and teacher out there if one is interested in exploring consciousness and the truth."

-"If I ran a spiritual training center, an ashram, zen or martial arts center, or even a university philosophy/religion or psychology program, I'd have students read this book as soon as they entered training and again at the end of it."

-"This book will change the way you look at everything."




Effortless Power Workshop Sept 20-22, 2013

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Peter teaches this workshop all over the world. The experience is valuable for anyone who wants to deepen their ability to move effortlessly, whether as a martial artist, T'ai Chi player, yoga practitioner, dancer, or healer. In my experience, Effortless Power is a unique aspect of Peter's teaching, not found in any other art but which can be applied to enhance any movement-based discipline.

There is a naturally occurring power already present in the body. By training proper structure and energy alignments, we can use this intrinsic strength to it's maximum effectiveness to develop Effortless Power.


Developing the use of this unique source of power is extremely beneficial whether your goal is the mastery of an Art or simply a more effective use of your body. Everyone benefits by training the use of intrinsic strength. It's fun, it applies to almost any activity, and the practice is energizing as well as good for the body. People suffering from stress injuries often find instant relief and a great deal more power simply by learning to align properly to the task at hand.


We'll look into the nature of balance and the crucial role it plays. We'll visit the essential principles of movement and interaction, and use a cross-section of techniques from the Art of Effortless Power. Gentle games and exercises, that Peter has developed from over forty years of teaching, are designed to bring about a more natural and relaxed use of power.


As always, the Cheng Hsin principles such as listening,

yielding, following, joining, leading, and more will be close at hand.  


Finally, this workshop will end up being unique because Peter never teaches the same workshop twice. He is very much Present to the energy dynamics of each group and teaches what people will take the most benefit from.  



Workshop Fees 


*Full Weekend, (Friday -Sunday evening): $395.00

(includes free attendance at the Thursday evening event)

10% discount for early registration for the full workshop (see coupon below)


A La Carte: 

*Thurday Dharma Talk: $10.00

*Friday Eve. 7-9pm: $65 (Sets the stage and is required for attendance on Saturday and Sunday)

*Saturday 8:30am-7:00pm:  $198

*Sunday 8:30am-7:00pm: $198 


To wrap up - Peter is the most exciting teacher of all things "Chi" I have ever encountered, and I have been with many. He is the only teacher who has clearly and simply connected the dots for me as to how the magnificent practice of T'ai Chi resonates far beyond fighting or healing, into the very heart of what Life is. I look forward to sharing this remarkable event with you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.




David Zucker 
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Register early with a deposit of $100 and save 10% off the cost of the entire weekend ($355.00 with Discount) (and free attendance for the Thursday evening Dharma Talk)


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